How to research a paper?

How To Research a Paper by JosiahandtheThe very important question that comes to mind of every student about to write a thesis, dissertation or an essay is how to research a paper. It is the base for your paper on which the research paper or a thesis depends. The way of researching will also help in deciding the direction of research.

The first and the basic step in how to research a paper is to spend time thinking about the topic, title or statement on which the paper has to be written. You should know that you want to support it or you are writing against it. The style of writing should also be clear before the process of research begins. For example, if a comparative study is to be done then the approach to research is different and likewise with other styles.


Preparation of a title is a must which sums up the entire thought for the research. Some keywords should be sorted out from the title which will help in maintaining one direction during the course of research. There are now a number of ways present to conduct a research for primary research journals are available in the library or even on internet. Some scientific international societies provide their journal online which you can have access. There is a lot of research work present on a particular topic from which help could be taken. Not only written content but there are videos present on the web may be documentary on your topic. It would be easier to understand the topic if we see what was actually researched for in a particular topic.

There are mentors who could provide their valuable insight and direct you in your research work and tell you how to research a paper besides all the journals, articles and online help available. After having collected enough materials and conducting your own research i.e. the secondary research, make a point to organize your paper in a language of your own and not quote the exact words. Summarize your research work and the previous one and develop clarity on each and every argument you support or oppose

Writing a paper could be done quickly once you have the resources but researching can take a lot of time to complete. It depends on the availability of research material in your university library, number of material available and the research method to be used. In addition to it there are number of research present on the same topic we have to sort it according to our need. Hence the earlier the research starts the better it is to write a research work early.

Invite a friend or your mentor to go through the rough draft of the research you have done and facts collected. It will help you find the loopholes in the paper if any. Once the draft is ready the writing process should begin which is also a daunting task. Presenting a good research paper depends on your skill of how to research a paper. A good and a presentable paper not only win accolades from the mentors and universities but also fetch you a good grade which is the ultimate aim of a student.